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Search the databases below for articles in academic journals, magazines, newspapers, and trade publications.

Searching Tips

Searching library databases is a bit different from searching Google. Sometimes entering relevant keywords in a database search box will not lead you to the most relevant results. When faced with such an issue, using one or more of the searching techniques provided below may prove to be helpful.

  • Boolean operators, such as AND, OR, NOT, allow you to combine keywords and either broaden or narrow down your results.
  • Truncation broadens your search to include various word endings and spellings (e.g., comput* will retrieve results which include words with this root.
  • Phrase searching (i.e., using parentheses or quotation marks around strings of search words) allows you to search for adjucent words as phrases.
  • Field searching allows you to limit your results based on specific database fields, such as author, title, publication, date, subject, etc.

Keep in mind that different databases may recognize different Boolean operators, truncation and/or phrase searching symbols, as well as include different search fields. To find out what works in each database, make sure you consult the specific database's help section.