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MLA Style

The MLA style provides guidelines on how to format the works cited list and how to arrange the entries of this list in your research paper.

Formatting the works cited list

The list of works cited includes only the information sources you have used in your paper. There are rules that define the position of the works cited list in the paper, as well as details regarding the margins, the indentation, etc. of this list.

The list of works cited is formatted based on the specifications, which appear below.


Position in the Paper

The list of "Works Cited" should appear on a new page at the end of your research paper.


Leave margins of one inch at the top, bottom and on both sides of the bibliography with the exception of the page numbers.

Page Numbers

Pagination should be continuous with the text. The page number appears on the top right corner, half an inch from the top. Your last name should appear on the "Works Cited" page, preceding the page number.


Use the same font and size as you have used for the body of your paper. "Times New Roman", size 12, is recommended.


Begin with the heading "Works Cited" at a one-inch distance from the top of the page and centrer it.


The entire bibliography should be double-spaced, including the "Works Cited" heading.


Begin each entry at the left margin. If an entry runs more than one line, indent the subsequent line(s) one-half inch from the left margin.