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Finding resources


Α book is “a collection of leaves of paper, parchment, vellum, cloth, or other material (written, printed, or blank) fastened together along one edge, with or without a protective case or cover” or “a literary work or one of its volumes” (Online Dictionary of Library Science ).

A short book that focuses on a specific topic and is written by a specialist on the particular topic is called a monograph. Monographs are extremely important sources of information. Our library has a huge collection of books and monographs both in print and in electronic format.


Use Discovery, the library's one-stop search tool appearing below, to search for books and ebooks available in the library collections. Remember that to find print books on the shelves, you need to know their Call Number and their Collection.

Ebook databases

A book in electronic format is called an ebook. Ebooks can be read online or offline on computers, mobile devices, or tablets. They are often made available through subscription databases. The library offers a great variety of ebooks through the following electronic databases, which are also searchable through Discovery. 

If you need assistance on how to search for or use ebooks, you may consult the library's Ebook guide.

Google Books

Use Google Books to discover books that we do not have in our library. Note that these books are frequently copyright protected, therefore, they are not always available in full and they are not printable.

Google Book Search