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Off-campus Access

Proxied URLs

Proxied URLs are links to library resources that pass through EZproxy.

The process of “proxying” URLs allows linking to specific articles or journals so that they are accessible from off-campus to authenticated users. This is useful when linking to articles or journals from Blackboard, sharing links to library resources with classmates or colleagues, and so on.

We strongly encourage you to link to articles or journals using EZproxy to provide off-campus access instead of distributing electronic copies, which is against our acceptable use policy.

How to proxy URLs

EZproxy provides a prefix, which is used to proxy a URL. The prefix is:

By placing the EZproxy prefix in front of any permanent/stable URL from the library’s databases, you create a link that allows off-campus access.

For example, let’s say you want to link to Daniel Kahneman’s article “Why Hawks Win” on JSTOR. The stable URL for the article is:

To proxy this URL you would just add the EZproxy prefix in front of the original URL:

This proxied URL is accessible on campus and, after a user signs in to EZproxy, off-campus as well.

Stable URLs

When proxying URLs, make sure to use stable or permanent URLs (sometimes also called permalinks). These URLs do not contain session or other temporary data that can result in broken links.

Some databases, such as those on EBSCOhost, are already configured to provide permanent URLs with the EZproxy prefix:

In other cases, you will have to construct the URL as described above.

If you need any help proxying our databases, just contact us.