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Off-campus Access

Having trouble?

Having trouble signing in to EZproxy? Here are some frequently asked questions with their answers.


Why am I getting the Unsuccessful login attempt error when I sign in to EZproxy?

If you are a current student, faculty, or staff member, then it is possible that you are not entering the correct login credentials.

For students and faculty members the login credentials are the ACG Network Username & Password. If you are a Deree student and don’t know what these are, please ask at the Student Success Center. Alba students should contact the IT Office, and Pierce students should ask at Room 411C (Pierce College). To request new ACG Network credentials, please email the Office of Information Resources Management (IRM) at [email protected], or take a look at the guide here.


What if I am using the correct username and password but still can't login?

Sometimes an existing cookie may prevent users from logging into the library resources especially if the user has recently misspelled or changed the password. Thus, we suggest you try the following:

  • Close all tabs on your browser.
  • Clear all cookies and temporary files from your browser. Make sure that you expand the time range of the clearance to ‘all time’.
  • Open an incognito/secure/private window (the name depends on the type of the browser).
  • Try again to log into the library resources with your ACG Network username and password.

If you are not comfortable doing this, here are instructions for clearing cache  and cookies 

If the problem remains, please contact us


I am an alumnus/a and can't access a database from off-campus. Why?

Off-campus access is available only to current students, faculty, and staff members. Due to publisher restrictions, alumni do not have off-campus access to the subscription databases.


Are all the databases accessible from off-campus?

All the databases are accessible from off-campus except for the following:

  • Datastream (Thomson Reuters), which is accessible only via limited computers.
  • Data.Prisma

The databases that allow off-campus access are indicated by the home icon (Off-campus access icon) on our A-Z Databases page. However, there are a few resources that require the creation of a personal account. See here the full list of exceptions.


Can I access a database from off-campus but not through the library website?

We suggest you access databases through the library website. Links from elsewhere will not work off-campus, unless they have been correctly proxied.