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Study Rooms


The library has ten (10) rooms available for group study and eight (8) rooms for individual study located at the lower level. The group study rooms accommodate up to three (3), four (4), or five (5) people. Use of the study rooms is limited to academic purposes.

All study rooms include a desktop PC and all group study rooms (no.10 - no.19) are additionally equipped with a camera and headphones.  

Furthermore, group study room no.12 includes an electric adjustable height desk and “Dragon Naturally Speaking”, a speech recognition software package that transcribes words into text allowing you to create documents without typing. “Dragon Naturally Speaking” is used by people with learning and/or physical disabilities to assist with writing.

You can book a study room online for a maximum of three (3) hours. Reservations can be made up to two weeks in advance. Your reservation will be held for up to thirty (30) minutes past the requested starting time. If there is a need to re-schedule or cancel your booking, please contact the Circulation Desk by phone (ext. 1348) or by email at [email protected]
You are kindly requested to monitor noise levels in all rooms.

How to book 

To book a room please follow the steps below.

  1. Sign in to the room booking system  using your ACG Network Username and Password.
  2. Choose an individual or a group study room. Please note that group study rooms are for three (3) or more people, not for individual study.
  3. Choose your preferred date, time, and reservation duration.
  4. Click on one of the available rooms (displayed in green color).
  5. Confirm your booking.

You will then receive a confirmation email with your booking details. 

Room booking policies

  • Rooms are to be used for academic purposes only.
  • Rooms must be booked in advance online.
  • Reservations are limited to three (3) hours per person per day.
  • A room should not be booked for multiple sessions under different names.
  • You cannot have multiple rooms reserved for the same reservation time.
  • After your time is up, you may stay in the room longer if it has not been booked. However, you are expected to leave the room once the room is booked again from another patron. 
  • The room will be held for thirty (30) minutes after the start time. It may be given to another group after this time.
  • Food is not allowed.
  • Drinks are only permitted in spill-proof containers with secure lids such as a water bottle or thermos.
  • Users are asked to adhere to the code of conduct while using the study rooms.