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Displays & Events


Faculty Authors Display 2022

Honoring and promoting the work of our faculty!
Participants: 38
Contributions: 54
Display: April 8-April 16, 2022

Faculty Authors Display 2021

Honoring and promoting the work of our faculty!
Participants: 25
Contributions: 39

OED Display

Celebrating 90 years since the publication of the first edition of the Oxford English Dictionary, one of the world's most famous English language dictionaries.
Display: October 31-December 21, 2018.


Honoring the city of Athens with a display in the context of the Sociology Week. 
Display: March 12-16, 2018.

Jane Austen

Celebrating 200 years since the death of the great British novelist.
Display: February 20-28, 2018

William Shakespeare

Celebrating 400 years since the death of the most preeminent and renowned poet, playwright, and dramatist.
Display: December 2–31, 2016

Nelson Mandela

Honoring the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela, the first black president of South Africa.
Display: December 1–12, 2014

Faculty Authors Reception 2020

The Faculty Authors Reception is an event that takes place every academic year. Its purpose is to promote the academic work of ACG faculty and present it to the entire ACG community.