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Course Reserves


You can find material placed on reserve through the Course Reserves List  by searching either the course number or the instructor name.

What are course reserves?

Course reserves are books, articles, DVDs, and other items placed on reserve by the faculty for student use. These are usually high demand or required reading material. Course reserves are located at the Circulation Desk.

How to borrow course reserves?

  • Search Course Reserves by the course number and section (e.g., SO 1001A) or instructor's name (e.g., John Smith). 
  • Request the items at the Circulation Desk by their call number. 
  • All patrons can check out up to five (5) course reserves for 2-hour use in the library or 2-day loan.

How to place items on reserve?

Faculty who wish to place items on reserve should bring the items to the Circulation Desk and complete a Course Reserves Request Form for each item. Please bring the material to be placed on reserve at least three (3) days before you assign it to your students. This will give us enough time to recall any items that are checked out. 

When completing this form please observe the following:

  • Indicate the name of the author and the title of the item to be placed on reserve the way you wish your students to retrieve it.
  • If the item is not needed for the whole term, specify the date by which it should be removed.
  • For photocopies of book chapters or journal articles, the library needs at least one copy for use in the library (2-hour loan). An additional copy may be added for use outside the library (2-day loan).

Material in Greek needs to be cleared through the department heads.