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Policies & Regulations

Code of conduct

John S. Bailey Library is committed to providing a welcoming and conducive environment for teaching, learning, and research, as well as for the activities of The American College of Greece and its community.

To ensure this environment we ask that all users of the library adhere to this Code of Conduct.


Patrons will be asked to present valid identification when requesting circulation services:

  • Students: Deree/Alba ID card
  • Faculty & Staff: ACG ID card
  • Alumni: Library card & photo ID

Food, drinks, & smoking

  • Food is not allowed in the library except inside the library cafe or during scheduled college events at designated areas.
  • Drinks of any kind are not permitted near library computers, printers, and in the library instruction room.
  • Only drinks in securely covered containers, such as thermos or water bottles are permitted in the library.
  • Anyone not complying with this policy will be asked to move their food or drinks outside the library or dispose of it.
  • The library staff reserve the right to relocate, remove, or dispose of unattended food or drinks found in the library premises.
  • Smoking, including electronic cigarettes, is not allowed in the library or the library cafe.

Noise & mobile phones

  • Try to keep your voice down in the library.
  • Turn your mobile phone off or switch it to silent while in the library. If you need to talk on the phone, please step outside.
  • The lower level of the library is designated as a quiet study area. Please respect this restriction and keep your volume to a minimum. 
  • If a person near you is making noise, you may ask them to keep their volume down.
  • The library staff reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the library in case of complaints on the part of other library patrons or if found to be violating this policy.

Library resources

  • Do not reshelve books you have used but not checked out. Leave them on a table or on the book carts beside the elevator.
  • Do not write, highlight, or otherwise damage books or other library material.
  • Use of the subscription databases is subject to the Acceptable Use Policy.

About the scope of this code of conduct

The policies listed above are those most commonly asked about by patrons. In addition to the library’s policies, the patrons of the library are subject to the applicable portions of the Undergraduate Catalog & Student Handbook and the Graduate Catalog .

Revised: Fall 2023