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Policies & Regulations

Study room use policy 


There are eighteen (18) study rooms available at the library lower level. These are distributed as follows:
  • Ten (10) group study rooms
    • Two (2) for five (5) people
    • Four (4) for four (4) people
    • Four (4) for three (3) people 
  • Eight (8) individual study rooms  
Group study rooms are equipped with a computer, web camera, and head set. 
All study rooms are open only when the library is open and staffed. 


Only currently enrolled students may reserve study rooms. 

Reservation policies 

Study rooms:

  • should be used for academic purposes only.  
  • should not be used for social purposes or peer tutorials. 
  • can be booked for a maximum of three (3) hours.
  • can be booked for one booking period per day by the same person or by the same group.
  • should be booked for three (3) or more people and not for individual study (applicable to group study rooms).
  • are available on first come, first served basis, when they are not reserved. Patrons without reservations must vacate rooms when requested by users with a valid reservation.
  • should be booked online.

Duration and frequency of reservation 

  • Study rooms can be reserved for up to two weeks in advance.
  • Patrons cannot have multiple rooms reserved for the same reservation time.
  • If a person or a group is not present thirty (30) minutes after their reservation time, the room may be given to another person or group. 

Code of conduct 

The code of conduct concerning food, beverages, smoking, and noise in study rooms aligns with the library’s overall code of conduct. On top of that, library patrons, who make use of the study rooms, should know the following:

  • Rooms must be left in good condition. 
  • Rooms must be vacated five (5) minutes before the library closes.
  • The library is not responsible for loss of personal items.‚Äč
  • Failure to abide by the room reservation policies will result in the revocation of reservation privileges. 

Revised: Fall 2019