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Instruction Support

Instructional Support

In an effort to enhance students’ research skills, the library provides library tours and instruction sessions to classes upon faculty request. Instructional support sessions are held in the context of “Academic Writing & Research” classes as well as in the context of major-specific writing courses.

The library instruction sessions currently offered are the following:

The Art of Art Research

This workshop focuses on teaching students to effectively use Discovery as well as the Art History & Archaeology subject guide in order to retrieve academic material relevant to various art history topics.
Audience: Students attending “Writing about Art” (AT2124)

Film Analysis & Beyond: Electronic Resources for Film Studies

This workshop focuses primarily on teaching students how to use the electronic resources, which comprise the Film & Media Studies subject guide. Referencing issues are also addressed.
Audience: Students attending “Film Analysis” (CN3525)

Journal Articles: Cracking the Secret Codes

This workshop focuses on academic articles and, in particular, aims at helping business students learn how to recognize, discover, and evaluate them. During the session there is a live demonstration and use of Business Source Complete , a major business database, as well as a brief presentation of the Business & Management subject guide.
Audience: Students attending "International Business" (IB2006)

Library Instruction for WP1212

Research-related session that focuses on the demonstration of Discovery , the library's one-stop search tool.
Audience: Students attending “Academic Writing & Research” (WP1212)


An actual tour around John S. Bailey Library provided to anyone interested in getting to know the library as a physical space. The tour includes presentation of the main service points and the services each one provides. It also aims at familiarizing patrons with the physical location of the different book and periodical collections in the library.
Audience: Entire ACG community

Psychology Literature Search: Tips & Tricks

This workshop aims at familiarizing psychology students with the process of locating psychology literature. The workshop focuses on how students can search for specific articles or topics using library resources, such as Discovery and APA PsycInfo , as well as selected web resources. Various useful searching techniques as well as the library's document delivery services are highlighted. The workshop also includes a brief demonstration of the library's Psychology subject guide.
Audience: Students attending “Nonexperimental Research in Psychology” (PS3618)

Thriving in Global Markets: Business Resources for Managers

This workshop focuses on the use and retrieval of market, industry, and company data and reports from Passport and Business Source Complete , two leading databases in the field of business. Referencing issues are also addressed.
Audience: Students attending “Global Business Management” (IB3121)