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Research Companion

ProQuest Research Companion is an information literacy self-paced tutorial. It was created by instructors and librarians with the intention to guide undergraduate and graduate students through the research process and help them develop their critical thinking and information literacy skills. The tutorial includes 80 short videos organized into three (3) Learning Modules. The videos answer questions like 'How do I choose a topic?', 'Where do I find information?', and 'How do I evaluate sources?'. All videos are accompanied by a full transcript.

Extra features

The tutorial also includes four (4) aid tools: The 'Search Aid' helps in developing effective search queries; The 'Source Evaluation Aid' makes evaluating sources easy; The 'Revision Aid' helps writing clearly and persuasively; The 'Citation Builder' helps in building citations with MLA.

How to use the tutorial

Research Companion is a great tool for students to learn about the stages of the research and writing process, and a teaching aid for instructors as they teach the information literacy principles of finding, evaluating, and using information.
 For students  For instructors
  • Watch videos or read their scripts selectively.
  • Use the aid tools to improve your search terms, evaluate and cite sources easily and revise your essay quickly.
  • Complete the entire tutorial and earn digital budges. 
  • Access assessment questions to measure your learning and have an interactive experience.
  • Embed videos individually or as part of custom playlists on Blackboard or your classroom presentations. 
  • Integrate the tutorial into your students’ workflow, add your own assessment questions, and get feedback about your students’ understanding of the stages of the research and writing process.


Research Companion is available from both on- and off-campus. To access the tutorial from off-campus, you have to sign in to EZproxy with your ACG Network Username and Password. 
You need to create an account with your institutional email to access the assessment questions, save the progress of your work and earn badges.