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Wellness at the Library: Home

Welcome to the John S. Bailey library’s wellness guide! We know that being a student is quite stressful, even more so during exams... For this reason, we have gathered a few resources, both from our library and online, that we hope you can use and come back to at times when you need that extra bit of encouragement.

Calm down & clear your mind

Do you feel overwhelmed? Don't worry, we've got you covered!

You will find here a selection of short videos that will help you decompress and stay grounded.

Get moving

Sometimes, you just need to clear your mind for a bit. Combine physical exercise with exploring the city and nature around Athens, by going on a walk! 

Here you will find some pages with suggestions for your walks. Whether you enjoy an urban environment, or want to break away from it, you are sure to find something to your liking!

Music & Ambience

Music always helps! Here you will find some of our suggestions for when you want to relax or concentrate!

Expand your understanding

Wellbeing is cultivated by little steps towards the right direction.

Delve into the practices of mindfulness and meditation with the help of our book recommendations, and learn more about yourself and the science of well-being with the following video!

Check out these highlights from the most popular course in Yale's history focusing on the science of Well-being by Dr. Laurie Santos! 

Get organised

Download your own daily scheduler and weekly habit tracker! Writing things down is one of the best ways to stay on top of things and alleviates the stress of having to remember everything. 


What about time management? Watch these videos!

Resources from other libraries

You can explore similar guides to this one, from other libraries. Each has a number of different resources that may appeal to you, so check them out!

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