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MLA Style

Supplemental elements of works cited

The author of the paper or the course instructor may decide that some supplemental elements should appear in the citations as they provide the audience of the paper with insight into the works creation or relation to other works.

Click on one of the options below depending on which supplemental element you want to include.

When a source has been republished, consider giving the original date of publication if it will provide the readers with evidence on the work's creation or how this source relates to older editions of the same work. The original date of publication should appear next to the title of the source.
When you cite a source the city of publication serves little purpose. However, provide the place of publication before the name of the publisher in the following cases:
  • for books published before 1900.
  • a novel in two versions.
  • a text released by an unfamiliar publisher located outside of North America.
You may wish to cite the total number of volumes of a multi-volume publication.
You may wish to cite the series titles and the number of the book (if any) in the series.
You may wish to add a descriptive term for sources using other medium of publication consulted than print or web. These sources can be transcripts, lectures or other addresses.
When an information source was published in the past in a different form than the one in which you consulted it, you may wish to cite the information about the original publication of the republished source.
Online sources may be changed or removed at any time. Consider providing the date you have accessed the material as an indicator of the version you consulted.