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MLA Style

Works Cited list

1. Begin the Works Cited list on a new page, right after the text

Write out the words Works Cited at the top of the page. Capitalize the first letter of each word and center them. Press Enter to move on to a new line and start writing your works cited entries.

An image showing the title of the Works Cited page

2. Use hanging indentation

This refers to the indentation of lines after the first line in a paragraph. This means that the first line of each work cited list entry is left-aligned, while the second line, third line, etc. are indented one-half inch. To set up both, first highlight all the lines on your page.

An image showing the hanging indentation setup

On the Home tab go to Paragraph and click the arrow.

An image showing the paragraph arrow

Under Indentation, change Special to Hanging. Make also sure that Spacing is set to 0 pt and that Line spacing is set to Double.

An image showing hanging and spacing setup.

The default hanging indentation is set on 0.5” (half inch) or 1,27cm or which is what we want. Now, when you are making a work cited entry, the first line will flush-left, and then when you hit the second line of the entry, it will automatically indent until you start a new line by pressing Enter.

Image showing how to indent the entire bibliography

3. Alphabetize the Works Cited list entries

Order the works cited list entries alphabetically based on the first author’s last name. To do so, highlight the entire works cited list.

Image showing how to alphabetize the works cited entries

On the Home tab go to the A-Z sort option.

Image showing the sort button

Select Sort by Paragraphs and click ok.

Image showing how to sort a bibliography by paragraph

Your works cited entries now appear in alphabetical order.

Image showing a sorted bibliography

If you have taken all these steps you have successfully formatted your paper. If you need more information on how to style individual works cited list entries, visit our Styling entries page of the MLA style guide.