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MLA Style

Title page

1. State who wrote the paper

Write your name in normal order. Spell out your first name, and continue with your last name. Press Enter to move on to a new line.

Name in an MLA paper

2. State the course instructor’s name

Write Professor in front of their name. After writing the instructor's last name, press Enter to move on to a new line.

Professor name in an MLA paper

3. State the course title and course number

The course title and number should match the way the school or instructor has it listed. After writing the course number and title, press Enter to move on to a new line.

Course number in an MLA paper

4. State the assignment’s due date

Write out the due date in the form of Day-Month-Year. Press Enter to move on to a new line.

Due date in an MLA paper

5. Write your title

Go to the Home tab, center the text, and write your title. You want to write it in title case, meaning that all important words start with a capital letter. If you have a longer title, or a subtitle, you can split it on to the next line.

Title of an MLA paper.

Once you've done that, you have finished setting up the title page, and you are ready to move on to setting up the text (body) of your paper.