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Doing Research

Locating information

Information sources provide you with facts, conclusions, ideas, and creative works of the human intellect and imagination. Information sources can be academic and non-academic and appear in print and online.You can find information sources available on the open web, but you can also find information sources available in your college library.

Sources types

There are three basic types of information sources monographs, periodicals, and web-based sources.

  • Monographs: These are publications that are published once or as a revision of an earlier work. They include books and reports. This type of publication, usually, covers a topic providing context and theoretical information. It often includes references to other sources.
  • Periodicals: These are publications that are published regularly, e.g., every day like newspapers, weekly or monthly like magazines, and quarterly like journals. They offer the latest news, events, and studies on a topic. Journals include references to other sources.
  • Web-based sources: These types of sources have no standard publishing. They include websites, electronic discussion lists, news feeds, blogs, and more.

Watch this videos to find out about the places you can go to locate information sources.

In this part of the guide you will find:

  • which search tools can provide you with sources.
  • the types of books that are available and how to locate information in them.
  • the types of periodicals that are available and their differences.

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