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Doing Research

Picking your topic

A topic is a subject or issue that a researcher is interested in and desires to research or discuss. Picking a topic is not an easy task. There are some sources of inspiration listed here that could help you come up with a topic idea.

  • Everyday life events and situations: You may watch a web television series like Black Mirror, which explores the the influence of technology on human behavior in a high-tech world. This may make you think of a topic related to social media effects.
  • News in traditional or social media: A news article about Brexit or a post about the school shooting in Brazil. This may generate topic ideas like the effects of Brexit to European economies or gun control.
  • Personal experiences: As a college student you have registered for an online course which is something new to you. You may come up with questions regarding teaching and learning.
  • Previous studies and theories: Previous studies and theories often produce more questions than answers. You may have read several studies demonstrating that library anxiety is an unpleasant feeling among students but there is not enough research about if library instruction comforts this unpleasant situation.

When you are about to pick a research topic, instructors usually advise you to choose a topic of your interest or a topic you feel strongly about.

Watch these videos to find out what may go wrong with this piece of advise.

In this part of the guide you will find:

  • topic starters for your projects.
  • how to move from topic to question.

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