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Ebook Guide

What is an Adobe account/ID?

An Adobe account, also referred to as Adobe ID, is a user account that gives you access to all of Adobe's services, including Adobe Digital Editions. An Adobe account/ID comprises a user name (i.e., your email address) and a password.

When is an Adobe account/ID required?

Authorizing Adobe Digital Editions with an Adobe account/ID is required if you wish to download ebooks for offline reading and synchronize your downloads in more than one devices. Authorizing Adobe Digital Editions on all your devices with the same Adobe account/ID allows you to continue from where you left off and see your annotations regardless of whether you are using your computer or your mobile device.

Howeven, authorization with an Adobe account is not mandatory. You may activate a device anonymously. In this case, use of the downloaded content will be limited to that single device.

How can I get an Adobe account/ID?

To get an Adobe account/ID for Adobe Digital Editions, you have to follow the steps below.

  1. Go to
  2. Click "New user? Create an account".
  3. Enter your email address and a password of your choice.
  4. Click "Continue".

How can I authorize Adobe Digital Editions with my Adobe account/ID?

To authorize Adobe Digital Editions, enter your Adobe ID and password (i.e., log in to your Adobe account) in the window that pops-up the moment that you complete the downloading process of the ebook reader.

If you don't get a promt telling you to provide the above-mentioned credentials, you may authorize the reader by following the steps below.

  • Computer authorization:
    1. Open Adobe Digital Editions after you have downloaded it.
    2. Go to "Help" on the top bar.
    3. Click "Authorize Computer".
    4. Enter your Adobe ID and password.
    5. Click "Authorize".
    6. Click "OK" when informed that "Your Computer Has Been Authorized".
  • Mobile device authorization:
    1. Open Adobe Digital Editions after you have downloaded it.
    2. Go to the menu button Adobe Digital Editions mobile app menu button at the top left.
    3. Tap "Settings".
    4. Tap "AUTHORIZE".
    5. Enter your Adobe ID and password.
    6. Tap "AUTHORIZE" again.

How can I deauthorize Adobe Digital Editions?

To deauthorize Adobe Digital Editions, follow the steps below:

  • Computer deauthorization:
    1. Open Adobe Digital Editions.
    2. Go to "Help" on the top bar.
    3. Click "Eraze Authorization".
    4. Enter your Adobe account password (i.e., the one you used to authorize Adobe Digital Editions), when prompted to do so.
    5. Click "Erase Authorization" again.
  • Mobile device deauthorization:
    1. Open Adobe Digital Editions.
    2. Go to the menu button Adobe Digital Editions mobile app menu button at the top left.
    3. Tap "Settings".
    4. Tap "DEAUTHORIZE".
    5. Enter your Adobe account password (i.e., the one you used to authorize Adobe Digital Editions), when prompted to do so.
    6. Tap "CONTINUE".

What is the difference between EPUB and PDF formats?

For some ebooks, you may be asked to choose a download format: EPUB or PDF. The main difference between the two formats is related to the level of readability with different screen sizes. PDF files tend to be more static retaining the original layout of the file. EPUB files, on the other hand, automatically resize the elements and the font sizes in them to fit in all reading screens and devices.

Can I download ebooks on a library or other public computer?

We recommend you do not download ebooks on the library computers or other public computers, unless you have authorized the ebook reader with your Adobe account/ID. Without Adobe account/ID authorization, you will not be able to access the ebook from your own device and your access will be lost after logging off from the public computer.

If you would like to proceed with downloading an ebook on a public computer without an Adobe account/ID authorization, we suggest you send the .acsm file to your email to open in Adobe Digital Editions on your own device later.

Can I print an ebook?

You can print a small part of an ebook, usually a certain number of pages, but not the entire ebook. This limitation is due to publishers' restrictions and copyright. The number of pages you are allowed to print is determined by the publishers and may vary depending on the book.

Why can I see only the cover but not the content of my downloaded ebook in Adobe Digital Editions?

You can download ebooks in Adobe Digital Editions for a limited period of time. When the loan period expires, the downloaded ebooks automatically disappear from the application. What remains in it is the book cover and some bibliographic information about the book. This is why you cannot see the full content. If you need access to the book for a longer period, you may download it anew.

For how long can I download an ebook?

The download length period ranges from one day to four weeks depending on the ebook and the database from which you are downloading it.

Should I return in an ebook after I have downloaded and read it?

Returning an ebook is not mandatory because the ebook expires automatically after the end of the loan period. However, if you do not intend to read the ebook for the time remaining, we suggest that you return it as some ebooks can only be checked out to one person at a time.

If you are using a computer and wish to return an ebook from Adobe Digital Editions, log into the ebook reader, right click on the ebook, and select "Return Borrowed Item". If you are using a mobile device, you may return a downloaded ebook simply by selecting it and deleting it from the reader.

Can I use Adobe Digital Editions with assistive screen reading technology?

Adobe Digital Editions works with assistive technologies on Mac and Windows, provided that you have installed and enabled these applications. Installation guidelines are available on the relevant websites (i.e., JAWS or NVDA for Windows, and VoiceOver for Mac). Adobe Digital Editions supports full keyboard controls (tab navigation and shortcuts), improved text enlargement, and high-contrast modes.

Can I activate Adobe Digital Editions on unlimited devices?

You can activate Adobe Digital Editions on up to six (6) devices, including computers, laptops, mobile phones, or tablets.

Where can I get support if I have trouble installing Adobe Digital Editions?

If you face any problems while trying to install Adobe Digital Editions, you may consult the Installation issues for Adobe Digital Editions 4.0 page. If this does not help, you may always contact us.

Why can't I download books from O'Reilly for Higher Education for offline reading?

O'Reilly for Higher Education is not compatible with Adobe Digital Editions. Downloading ebooks for offline reading from O'Reilly for Higher Education is only allowed through the O'Reilly mobile app. Unfortunately, this app is incompatible with EZproxy, the library's authentication system, which means that there is no way for the app to recognize you as an authorized ACG user. As a result, you cannot download O'Reilly ebooks for offline reading.

I want to download a chapter from Ebook Central, but I'm asked to create an account. Why?

Unlike EBSCO's ebook Collection or O'Reilly for Higher Education, ProQuest's Ebook Central requires that you create and login to a personal account before you are allowed to download book chapters from it. Personal database accounts are created by you and are not related to your ACG network or ACGMail accounts. However, we suggest you use your ACG email and password when you create one, as this will make it easier for you to remember your credentials.

Note that if you attempt to log in to your personal account five (5) times within a period of one (1) hour, you will be locked out of your account for one (1) hour.