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Ebook Guide

Ebooks defined

An ebook is a book available in electronic format. It may be a digitized traditional book (i.e., a print book scanned and made available in electronic form) or a born-digital ebook (i.e., one that was created in digital format in the first place). Ebooks can be read online or offline on computers, tablets, or other mobile devices anytime, anywhere!

Book and tablet on a desk

Ebooks at the library

The library offers a great variety of scientific and other trustworthy resources along with thousands of ebooks. Our three main ebook databases are EBSCO's eBook Collection and ProQuest's Ebook Central  and O'Reilly for Higher Education . The first two are multi-disciplinary, while the third includes books on computer studies, engineering, technology, and business.

Purpose of this guide

Ebook databases may differ in terms of interface or functionality. However, the steps to search for, find, and retrieve an item are very similar in most databases. This guide will take you through these steps and help you with reading ebooks online or offline.