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Ebook Guide

Search & find

Locate the ebook database you want to use on the library's A-Z Database List. To start searching, follow the steps below:

1. Search for an ebook

There are three main ways to start searching for an ebook:

  1. Enter a keyword or other terms into the search box.
  2. Combine keywords or phrases with additional elements, such as the publication date, type of material, etc. through the "Advanced Search" feature (if available).
  3. Browse by subject/category/topic.

Click one of the tabs below to see search options a, b, c in each ebook database.

Ebook Central database search page

Ebook Collection database search page

O'Reilly database search page

O'Reilly for Higher Education does not support advanced searching.

2. Refine the search results

Each database provides features to help you improve your search and refine your search results. These, usually, appear on the left of the results list, but may, alternatively, be positioned at the top or right of it, depending on the database.

By applying these features, known as limiters or filters, you can narrow down the number of results to make them more relevant to your query.

Click one of the tabs below to see the available limiters in each ebook database.

3. Get more details about the ebook

You can read through the detail page of an ebook, by clicking its title, to decide if the ebook meets your study or research needs. The detail page, also called book record, contains bibliographic data, a short description, the table of contents, and other information about the ebook.

Click one of the tabs below to see a sample detail page in each ebook database.

4. Start reading

Once you have decided on an ebook, you are ready to start reading!

Ebook databases allow you to read ebooks or chapters of ebooks online or to download them for offline reading.