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Google Scholar Guide

Author profiles

An author profile is an easy way for authors to manage the citations of their articles. If you have an author profile, you can find out who is citing your publications, chart your citations over time, and calculate several citation metrics. You can also make your profile visible, so that it is accessible by other scientists when it appears in result lists.

Setting up your profile

If you wish to set up your author profile, you need to follow the steps below:
Go to Google Scholar . If you have a Google account , you will need to sign in, otherwise, you will need to create one. Once you sign in, click "My Profile" on the top left-hand corner.

Image showing the Profile option in Google Scholar

You can see that your profile appears automatically. Having a Google account, generates your generic profile in Google Scholar. You can use the pencil icon ( ) to edit your profile. You can use the camera icon ( ) to upload your photo.

Image showing the saving option in Google Scholar

Fill in the form with your name, affiliation, areas of interest, and homepage. You also need to decide if you will make your profile public. Once you complete the form, click "SAVE" and your profile is ready.

Image showing how to edit an author's profile in Google Scholar

Adding citations on your profile

To start adding citations, use the plus square icon ( ). Google Scholar suggests lists of citations, or individual citations from which you could choose the ones to wish to appear in your profile. It also allows you to add citations manually, when these are not already indexed in Google Scholar.

Google Scholar allows you to automatically update the citations in your profile or choose to receive an email with updates, so you can view them first and then confirm them, before they appear on your profile. To do so, you can use the plus square icon ( ) and select: "Configure article updates" and choose one of the two options that are available.

An example of an author profile

This is how an author profile looks like.

An image showing an author profile in Google Scholar

You can see more examples of Google Scholar profiles from members of the American College of Greece