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Google Scholar Guide

Creating alerts

Google Scholar allows you to personalize your results within its indexing system. Personalizing options include; creating topic alerts and following authors.

Creating a topic alert

Once you perform a search and retrieve a list of results, you may create an alert about this topic. On the left-hand side, click the " Create alert" option.

Type in the box the email address on which you wish to receive the articles added in Google Scholar about this topic and click "CREATE ALERT".

Once you create the alert, you receive the following verification message.

Once you confirm your request on your email, you will be receiving any new articles added in Google Scholar about this topic. You may cancel your request, if you don't wish to receive such emails at some point.

Creating an author alert

Once you access an author profile, you may follow this author. On the top-right hand side, click "  FOLLOW"

Once you click "  FOLLOW" a pop-up window prompts you to select any or all of the three options; receiving articles, citations, and/or articles related to the author's research. Type in the box the email to which you wish to receive such notifications and click "DONE"

Once you click "DONE" you need to check your email and confirm the author alert that you have created. If you have created it by mistake, you may cancel it.