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Pile of books connected to a tablet with a wire

Books are extremely important sources of information for almost any topic. Short books that focus on a specific topic and are written by a specialist on that topic are called monographs. Books and monographs take a lot of time to research, write, and publish. They also go through strict editorial processes. As a result, they offer good quality content, thorough coverage of a topic, and they refer to a wide range of preexisting scholarship. This makes them excellent resources if you wish to explore a topic in depth.

Library ebook collections

A book in electronic format is called an ebook. Ebooks can be read online or offline on computers, mobile devices, or tablets. They are often made available through subscription databases. The library offers a great variety of ebooks through the following electronic databases. If you need assistance on how to search for or use ebooks, you may consult the library's ebook guide. For information on how to access these databases from off-campus, you may consult our off-campus access page.