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Administrative Records

Collection Overview 
Collection Number: GR ACG AR
Name of Creator: The American College of Greece
Title: ACG Administrative Records
Dates [inclusive]: 1917 – 2012
Languages(s): English, Greek, French
Summary: The American College of Greece  is a US 501 (c) (3) tax exempt entity chartered by the State of Colorado and located in Athens, Greece. The ACG was founded in Smyrna, Asia Minor (Izmir, Turkey) by Maria A. West, a Congregational woman missionary from Boston in 1875, at a time when “Practical Christianity” and the “first wave of feminism” in the United States were aiming to change women’s education and their role in society. At the same time the Near East was going through a difficult period of uprisings and wars. After the catastrophe of Smyrna in 1922, the college was re-established in Athens, in order to continue its mission to serve and educate young women with the help of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (ABCFM). 
The Administrative Records of the American College of Greece document the history and operations of the College since its relocation to Athens in 1923 until 2012. The Institutional Archive of the College, apart from the Administrative Records holds collections of photographs, printed material and Audiovisuals.
Scope and Content
The Administrative Records of the American College of Greece document the history and operations of the College since its relocation to Athens in 1923 until 2012. The documents were found in boxes and file cabinets and although some material was arranged in coherent groups, there was no consistent overall classification system. 
The organization of the material has followed Helen Samuel’s Varsity Letters: Documenting Modern Colleges and Universities, and the Concordia University Records Management and Archives Guidelines. The Administrative Records have been organized into seven thematic series. The collection is still under process.
Series 1000: Teaching – Academic Affairs
  • Subseries 1100: Academic Programs Organization
  • Subseries 1200: Departments Management
  • Subseries 1300: Program Accreditations and Certifications/ Legal Affairs
  • Subseries 1400: Academic Cooperation / Institutional Partnerships
  • Subseries 1500: Teaching management
  • Subseries 1600: Academic Personnel
  • Subseries 1700: Academic Events
Series 2000: Academic Administration – Student Affairs
  • Subseries 2100: Student Recruitments / Admissions
  • Subseries 2200: Student files
  • Subseries 2300: Management of student evaluations
  • Subseries 2400: Graduation
Series 3000: Student Support Services
  • Subseries 3100: Financial aid
  • Subseries 3200: Advising
  • Subseries 3300: Extracurricular Activities
  • Subseries 3400: Facilities and services
  • Subseries 3500: Information Technology Supports
Series 4000: Research
  • Subseries 4100: Research funding
  • Subseries 4200: Projects
  • Subseries 4300: Reports
Series 5000: Governance
  • Subseries 5100: Early History Archive
  • Subseries 5200: Constitution – Legal Affairs
  • Subseries 5300: Governing Bodies
  • Subseries 5400: Policies and procedures
  • Subseries 5500: Public policy issues / Communications
  • Subseries 5600: Department Management – Administration
  • Subseries 5700: Information and Records Management
Series 6000: Finance and Physical Resources
  • Subseries 6100: Financial resources
  • Subseries 6200: Audit reports
  • Subseries 6300: Human Resources
  • Subseries 6400: Physical resources
Series 7000: Community Relations and Services
  • Subseries 7100: Advancement and Alumni Relations
  • Subseries 7200: Library
  • Subseries 7300: Archives and Special Collections
  • Subseries 7400: Art Gallery
  • Subseries 7500: Digital Museum
  • Subseries 7600: Public Events (ACG host events)