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Archives & Special Collections

Reading Room & Handling Material Rules

Permission to Examine

  • The Reading Room is open to scholars and visits are arranged by appointment.
  • Permission to examine archival material is granted upon the completion of the “Application for the use of ACG Collections” form, provided there are no restrictions (ref. Access Policy).  
  • Access to ACG Archives collections does not imply permission to quote, publish or distribute this material in any format.
  • Researchers who intend to quote or publish material from a collection held by the ACG archives must submit the “Notification of Intent to Publish from a Manuscript Collection” form or in the case of images the “Notification of Intent to Publish Images” form.

Using the Archives Reading Room

  • Only note-taking materials (notepaper, pencils, laptop) may be taken to the tables.
  • Pens, highlighters, and post-it notes are not allowed.
  • Coats, briefcases, backpacks, computer cases, cell phones and other belongings must be left in the Archivist’s office
  • Food and drink, including gum, candy, and water, are not allowed in the Reading Room.

Handling the Collection

Please handle material with great care and ensure that your hands are clean.

  • If the archivist is not with you to hand you the material, and you are left to work on your own, please, use one folder at a time and do not remove any items from the folder. For questions about a specific item, please, ask the archivist.
  • When a folder is in use it should remain flat on the table and its content should, also, remain flat while being read.
  • Please maintain the original order of unbound material and do not rearrange the content of the folders. If material appears to be out of order, inform the archivist.
  • If you need to mark your place in the folder, please use the file markers available on the reference tables.
  • You will be required to use gloves with material that is especially sensitive to damage from direct handling, such as photographs and negatives. Gloves will be provided by the archivist.
  • Do not rest anything on top of manuscript or printed items. If you need assistance holding an item flat, please see the archivist.

No marks should be added or erased from the material. Researchers who mishandle and damage material will be denied access to collections.

Requests for reproduction

  • ACG Archives provide digital reproductions upon request, subject to the approval of the archivist.
  • Self-service photocopying is not available.
  • Prior permission is required for the use of cameras and tape recorders.
  • Some material cannot be photocopied due to physical condition or other restrictions.

    Revised: February 2018