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Archives & Special Collections

Collection Policy

Mission Statement

Following the mission of the American College of Greece to add distinctive value to the lives of its students “through transformative teaching, scholarship and service” and to establish itself as “the premier, private, comprehensive, educational institution in southeastern Europe”, the ACG Archives has, also, a dual mission as an Institutional Archives and as a Collecting repository.

As an Institutional Archives, ACG Archives collects, preserves, describes, exhibits and makes available material related to the history and activities of the American College of Greece. The main collections are: ACG Administrative Records, ACG Photographic Archive, ACG Publications and Printed material.

As a Collecting repository, ACG Archives preserves and provides access to the papers and personal collections of selected individuals, who have been affiliated with the Institution throughout its operation and through their intellectual activity have had an impact on Greek culture.

ACG Archives also maintains a collection of Rare Books related to Greek and American culture and history.


The scope of the ACG Archives is:

  • to provide records management services to ACG
  • to preserve and support faculty and student research and classroom instruction for relevant to the curriculum topics
  • to establish a collection repository regarding Greek- American relations, history and culture.

Methods of acquisition

  • All administrative records taken into the Archives for permanent preservation should have first undergone full appraisal by the transferring department or officer.
  • Guidelines for appraisal as well as a retention policy are prepared in collaboration with each specific department (see Selection and Appraisal policy)
  • Records received from other sources are generally accepted as gifts (see ACG Archives Gift Policy in compliance with the ACG Gift Acceptance Policy)
  • The ACG Archives does not accept records for temporary storage and does not normally purchase records or accept them on loan.

Status and authority

  • Questions about the policies and procedures should be directed to the College Archivist.
  • The ACG Archives is part of the John S. Bailey Library and reports to the Associate Dean of Libraries
  • The College Archivist is advised and guided in matters concerning the ACG Archives by the Archives and Library Committee.

Courtesy of the ACG Archives, Aghia Paraskevi, Athens

Revised: January 2018