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Archives & Special Collections

Gift Policy

ACG Archives Gift Policy works in compliance with the ACG Gift Acceptance Policy and accepts donations that fall within the mission statement and scope of the ACG Archives Collection policy
Any accepted collection commits us to the task of organizing and preserving the material. Partial collections are discouraged but they might be reviewed at the discretion of the ACG Archives. 
The ACG Archives reserves the right to decline collections or parts of a collection for any of the following reasons:
  • The collection contains material that does not fit within the mission statement and scope of the ACG Archives
  • ACG Archives is unable to provide suitable space, staff, supplies, preservation conditions and equipment for the proper storage of the collection
  • ACG Archives is unable to provide sufficient support to preserve damaged material or provide access to the material of the collection
  • The collection contains material which is irreparably damaged or infested by insects or mold
  • The collection contains material in which the donor’s ownership is in question or is disputed
  • Duplicate materials might not be accepted due to lack of space or may be subject to disposal 
  • The ACG Archives will not accept photocopies of materials. 
  • The ACG Archives will not accept permanent loans of materials.
Once a donation is accepted, the donor will be asked to sign a Deed of Gift. This will include: a description of the Collection, access restrictions (if applicable), copyright and disposition issues (see the ACG Gift Acceptance Policy). Special conditions may be specified by the donor, but the ACG Archives reserves the right to refuse any donation in which the conditions of use are overly restrictive. 
Donors will be able to examine the material they have donated at any time, and, upon request, they will be given a copy of any type of finding aids, or research documents about the donated material produced by the Archives. 
Finally, as also stated in the ACG Gift Acceptance Policy, donors are encouraged to include a monetary donation to fund the cost of extra hand labor and archival supplies which are necessary for the proper storage and preservation of their donations, in order to prevent delays in the accession process. 

Revised: February 2018