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Mobile Apps for Library Resources

Access My Library

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What is Access My Library?

Access My Library is a mobile application that provides easy and quick access to the Gale resources available at the ACG Libraries from any mobile device. You can use Access My Library to search databases such as Archives Unbound, Gale Academic OneFile, Gale General OneFile, Gale In Context: Opposing Viewpoints, Gale Literature, Gale OneFile: News, and more.

What are the app's main features?

The Access My Library app allows you to:

  • search within a specific Gale database or use the "Power Search" to explore all resources at once;
  • view Gale resources in "List view" or "Thumbnail view";
  • create search alerts;
  • browse your search history;
  • highlight text and add notes;
  • add resources to your "Favorites" list; or
  • search within a specific subject category.

How can I connect Access My Library to the library?

After downloading the app, you have to link it to the ACG Libraries. Here is how:

  • Open the Access My Library app.
  • Tap "Find Library".
  • Tap "Select Library".
  • Tap "Academic".
  • Select "The American College of Greece".

You will then be prompted to enter a password or barcode. Please click here to find out what the password is. You need to log in with your ACGMail credentials to see the password. Once you have the password, continue as follows:

  • Enter the password.
  • Tap "Select Library".
  • Tap "Resources", "eBooks", or "Power Search" and start searching.