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TradeWinds e-paper

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What is TradeWinds e-paper?

If you like the look and feel of a traditional newspaper, then TradeWinds e-paper is what you are looking for. TradeWinds e-paper is an application that offers you the opportunity to read the weekly print copy of TradeWinds, the shipping industry's leading newspaper, on your mobile device. It, also, gives you access to tw+, the quarterly TradeWinds magazine, and to the backfiles of the two publications.

What are the app's main features?

The TradeWinds e-paper app allows you to:

  • view the two latest issues or use the "Archive" tab to jump to older issues;
  • browse issues in normal view, article list view, or page thumbnail view;
  • bookmark your preferred articles;
  • adjust the article font size for comfortable reading;
  • use the menu at the top left to:
    • move from the TradeWinds newspaper to the TW+ magazine;
    • browse previously viewed issues through the "My publications" folder;
    • view your bookmarked articles;
    • browse the "Latest News" section by topic;
    • jump to the TradeWinds News app;
    • search within the entire archive or specific issues through the "Archive search"; or
    • request to receive notifications when new editions and special publications are released.

How can I connect TradeWinds e-paper to the library?

To have access to the ACG Libraries' subscription through the mobile app, you need to authorize it with your personal TradeWinds account. This means you first need to create an account with your institutional email.

Once you have an account, follow the steps below:

  • Open the TradeWinds e-paper app.
  • Go to the menu button TradeWinds e-paper mobile app menu icon at the top left.
  • Tap "Sign in".
  • Sign in with your TradeWinds account.