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Mobile Apps for Library Resources

Do all library resources have a mobile app?

No, not all library databases are accompanied by mobile apps.

Can I access a database from my mobile device without an app?

Even if they do not have a mobile app, most of the library databases have a responsive design that allows them to adjust automatically to any screen size. This means that you can access them from any mobile device in the same way as you access them through your PC. There are a few databases that have not been optimized for use on mobile devices yet. You may still access these databases through your mobile phone or tablet, but they will not look as nice as on a computer screen, thus we suggest that you access them from a desktop or laptop computer instead.

Do I have to pay for the database mobile apps?

The database mobile apps give you access to the database content, to which the library already subscribes. As a result, downloading and using the mobile apps is free for as long as you are an authorized user of the library resources.

Where can I download mobile apps from?

Depending on your mobile device, you will need to access one of the mobile app stores available below to download mobile apps.

Store Operating system Description
Google Play store logo Android Google's highly popular Linux-based open source mobile device platform.
App store logo iOS Apple's extremely popular proprietary mobile device platform for their iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices.
Microsoft app store logo Microsoft Windows Microsoft's proprietary Windows operating system for use on mobile devices.

Who can I contact if I have trouble downloading or using the app?

If you face problems when downloading or using any mobile app, you may consult the help guides accompanying it. If you still cannot figure out how to resolve the issue, please contact us.