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Mobile Apps for Library Resources

New York Times

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What is the New York Times app?

The New York Times app is the mobile application of the reknowned daily newspaper. Using the app allows you to access breaking news, opinion-, business-, technology-, and art-related articles from 1700 expert journalists in 160 countries worldwide. Through the app you may also enjoy live briefings on current stories and listen to original podcasts, such as "The Daily", "The Ezra Klein Show", and "Hard Fork."

What are the app's main features?

The New York Times app allows you to:

  • browse current news through the "Today" tab;
  • check the "For You" tab for your personalized daily recommendations from across The New York Times;
  • enjoy fun games through the "Play" tab;
  • use the "Sections" tab to search by keywords or topic;
  • check the reading times for each article;
  • catch up with the news when you go offline;
  • bookmark articles to find and read later in the "Saved for later" section;
  • use the profile icon New york Times mobile app profile icon at the top right to:
    • see your "Saved for later" articles;
    • change between light or dark mode and adjust the "Video Autoplay" settings;
    • set up notifications for breaking news, briefings, or topics of interest to you;
  • share articles via social media or email with other New York Times subscribers; or
  • gift up to ten (10) articles within a 30-day rolling period to non-subscribers.

How can I connect the New York Times app to the library?

To have access to the ACG Libraries' subscription through the mobile app, you need to authorize it with your personal New York Times account. This means you first need to create an account with your institutional email. Once you have an account, follow the steps below:

  • Open the NYTimes mobile app.
  • Tap the profile icon New york Times mobile app profile icon at the top right.
  • Tap "Log In or Register" (applicable to android devices).
  • Sign in to your personal New York Times account.


If you already have articles in your "Saved for later" folder, you may need to close and reopen the app before you can see them.